FIA race director Charlie Whiting says the revamped Watkins Glen would be 'an absolutely wonderful circuit' for F1 but there are no current plans to bring the sport back to the New York State track.

Watkins Glen hosted the United States Grand Prix between 1961-1980 before dropping off the calendar with the race being picked up by Phoenix, Indianapolis and its current home since 2012 Austin. The track still hosts NASCAR and IndyCar as well as many US-based junior series and recently underwent a resurfacing which was inspected by the FIA's Charlie Whiting.

"The track looks marvellous, I'm really impressed with the work that has been done and it is to a very high standard," Whiting said. "I think Watkins Glen is one of the most charismatic circuits in the US. There are newer ones like the Circuit of the Americas but it hasn't got the character this one has got.

"I think it would be an absolutely wonderful circuit for F1 cars to race on but we all know it is not as simple as that. As far as circuits go in the US this one is right up there.

"It is always a pleasure to see how things are done over here and you can see how well things can be done without going to the silly levels of some of the modern tracks built by wealthy governments. It is a gem of a track and has heritage."

The Circuit of the Americas still holds the F1 agreement to host the United States Grand Prix while Bernie Ecclestone is eager to expand the sport's reach in the US by targeting a race in California.

Watkins Glen later clarified despite its FIA certification the circuit has no plans to host a F1 race in the foreseeable future.