Alonso: I'll hit Vettel next time...

"There will come a day in which someone will have to hit him so that he understands the track is for all of us." - Alonso hits out at Vettel
Alonso: I'll hit Vettel next time...

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Fernando Alonso has threatened not to back out of moves with Sebastian Vettel in the future even if it means they collide after accusing the Ferrari driver of running him off the circuit during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The pair were disputing seventh place on lap 42 when Vettel initially passed at turn ten, only for a better exit by Alonso to get him back alongside around the outside as they rounded the long turn 11. However, with Vettel running his Ferrari to the kerb, Alonso was forced off onto the run-off before re-joining behind.

Though there was to be no investigation into the incident, an angry Alonso says he will take matters into his own hands in future instances if it comes down to the difference between hitting a wall or colliding with him.

"I don't think there will be any action against Vettel today, as they haven't said anything yet," the Spaniard said after finishing tenth. "There was a run-off in tarmac and I just used it, but if there was a wall for sure I would have either hit the wall or hit him, which is what I'll do next time. I'll hit him and he'll lose more points than me.

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"In the rain we don't have the same visibility as in the dry, the mirrors were wet too, so I couldn't see anything behind me. In the end nothing happened, I went down the tarmac run-off but there will come a day in which someone will have to hit him so that he understands the track is for all of us."

Alonso's scathing words comes as Vettel faces growing pressure about his driving tactics in a year that has in turn seen him criticise a number of other drivers, namely Max Verstappen.

Vettel was penalised at the Mexican Grand Prix after he was judged to have 'moved under braking' - a rule he had previously campaigned for - though Ferrari is appealing the decision.

Even so, Vettel himself was upset with what he felt was an unfair pass by a charging Verstappen during the closing stages of the Interlagos race when the Red Bull driver forced him wide at Juncao as they disputed sixth.

"I think I was racing him side-by-side, he saw me, I still had a little bit of my nose ahead. He was much faster so it was about the corner where you get past. I don't think it was correct."

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