Computer Associates and the West McLaren Mercedes Formula One team have expanded their technology partnership, with the aim of further boosting the team's race performance in 2003 and beyond.

Under the terms of the agreement, Computer Associates [CA] will provide McLaren with the technology to protect 'mission-critical' trackside IT systems. BrightStor high-availability software will provide the team with non-stop access to telemetry data that is transmitted live between the cars and the pits, and will also protect McLaren's servers against operating system or other software crashes during tests and races.

By using the telemetry system, the team's engineers will be able to analyse the data in real-time, upload updated parameters to the cars while they run, and feedback information to the drivers, in order to achieve maximum performance on the track.

This extension to the partnership will continue to take the sponsorship beyond the usual marketing relationship, with CA providing McLaren with vital technology, tailored to the high-performance demands of Formula One racing.

"We are delighted McLaren has shown its confidence in Computer Associates' software solutions, ensuring our technology partnership will continue to go from strength to strength," commented Hayley Tabor, CA's general manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, "We feel the time is right for the partnership to move into a phase where our software technology can play a more and more active role in the team. Formula One is technically sophisticated and complex, and provides a great showcase for our software."

McLaren will also be using CA's eTrust Antivirus, a set of antivirus solutions, to provide the team's desktop machines with complete protection against today's viruses and other security threats. The solution provides the team with reduced virus infections, automated updating, and simplified administration.

"We are always very pleased when one of our long term partners extends its relationship with the company, and shows the commitment and dedication to explore how the partnership can be further strengthened," explained McLaren chairman and CEO Ron Dennis, "Formula One is the ultimate proving ground for a company like Computer Associates, as borders are constantly moving and technology is pushed to the limit. I'm certain that we have only been scratching the surface of the enormous benefits our partnership can bring to the team."



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