Ferraris Rubens Barrichello has hit out at the marshals at the Hungarian Grand Prix following his horrific crash on Sunday, the Brazilian adding: "nobody was there to assist me."

Rubens, who was not seriously injured in the incident, shot off the track and into the barriers at turn 1 on lap 20 after a left rear suspension breakage on his F2003-GA.

"I'm fine, apart from a little bit of back pain, which I guess was due to the impact," he said. "Considering the size of the accident, I think that's pretty good, because for a moment during the accident, I thought it could have been a really bad one.

"The car did slow down a lot on the tarmac, but I effectively had no brakes. So for a second it was very scary, as I did not know what at happened and I felt the brake pedal go down, without slowing very much. Thoughts rush through your head so quickly in that situation."

The revised first corner at the Budapest track had been the subject of discussion at a drivers' meeting earlier in the weekend.

"We felt that the corner might be better for overtaking, but that they could have done a better job in making the escape area a bit bigger. 'Here I go!' I thought. I'm going to be the one who tests it first!"

Although Barrichello puts his lack of injury down to the wrapped tyre barrier and the strength of his car, he was less impressed with the attention he received once the dust had settled.

"I was angry that there was nobody there to assist me," said Rubens, "In fact, when [Ralph] Firman had his accident the day before, I noticed there was no one there trying to steady his neck, which is normal procedure. I thought I should not get out of the car immediately, because it was a big impact. I was angry, which is why I threw the steering wheel away. No one came up to the car to ask if I was OK. We drivers must do something about this.

"I started checking myself out: my feet were alright and I had no pain in my legs. Then I realised I would have to get out of the car myself, because when I looked behind me, there was a lot of debris from my car and another car could have crashed into me. After that, I had to walk a long way back to the pits and nobody offered to help. A photographer told me to go through the grandstand, but I realised he was only trying to get a photo!"

Barrichello's state of mind though is unaffected by the crash. "The only feeling I have is that I want to get back in the car, and I hope to be doing that on the first day of the Monza test next week. In my mind, I have already pressed the 'reset' button. In F1, the only scary thing is when you become a passenger and that was the case in Hungary for a couple of seconds. It was scary then, but the barriers did a good job."

And the rest of the season? "In Budapest, there was no way I could have beaten [Fernando] Alonso, but I would have finished close to the Williams. But we did not look competitive. The weather played a big part there, as it favoured the other guys.

"Monza can also be quite hot, so we will have to make a good tyre choice, find a good set-up and we also expect to have some new parts for the car. Indianapolis and Suzuka might be better for us, as the temperatures are generally cooler there. In the last few races I have been qualifying well, so it is a shame I did not finish the last two races, as I could have still been in with a chance of the championship."