ITV F1 presenter Jim Rosenthal reckons that James Allen has what it takes to become the 'new voice of Formula One', despite the legendary status of Murray Walker.

Rosenthal, who freely admits he is far from an F1 expert, and who is, perhaps, more associated with football and athletics, added that, in time, Allen would 'grow into Murray's shoes.'

Asked if the public still miss Murray, Rosenthal replied: "First of all, I'd like to say he was fantastic with me, when I came literally from nowhere into his sport. He helped me immensely, especially in those early days, and I will always, always be very grateful to him for that.

"We took Murray over [when ITV got the F1 deal] and that was the best single thing we could have done.

"Following Murray is not something that many people would want to do, because he's a legend. He's one of the last of the breed really, where one man will be associated with one sport. These days, the way sports are done, you will not get someone like that. The Richie Benauds in cricket and the Peter O'Sullivans in [horse] racing - those characters are not going to exist anymore. Murray was one of those characters.

"Any sort of change is a jolt, and it is tough for James to follow Murray. He has a very different style and has a very different way of doing things. Martin [Brundle], of course, was the consistent factor. I think, as things go on, James will grow into Murray shoes and will become the voice of Formula One."

As for his own role in F1, Rosenthal, admitted that his job really is as good as it sounds.

"I've enjoyed it from day one, to be quite honest, right from when I got thrown in it back in Melbourne 1997," he noted.

"I came from nowhere and, obviously, it's fair to say - and I would accept it even now - that I am not a Formula One expert. But I have had terrific enjoyment out of every grand prix.

"I think we have done close to 140 of them now on ITV, and I have been lucky enough to present every one of them. It has been a very successful gig as far as ITV is concerned - in every way. Chris Evans once said about me that I 'had the best job on television' and I am not arguing about it. It really is a very enjoyable gig.

"I think I came to the sport relatively green, I learnt the sport with the ITV public and it is well appreciated now. I always judge how we are doing when I come to things like Autosport International and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and the reaction of people to me and it is overwhelmingly friendly and appreciative. I think that shows that the public, the motoring public, quite appreciate what we do with the sport."

So do you agree - will James Allen become the new voice of F1?

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