The Midland Group have today confirmed that subsequent to the purchase of Jordan Grand Prix in January this year, they have also now acquired the Jordan Grand Prix wind tunnel facility in Brackley.

"The acquisition of the wind tunnel facility in Brackley is definitely the right way to go for our team and this will help us make a big step forward," said team boss and managing director, Colin Kolles.

"Moreover, we will also be continuing the technical collaboration with Dallara to have a better car in 2006."

Sporting director, Trevor Carlin also believes that it is a positive move - especially as Midland plan to invest 'heavily in the facility' and 'upgrade it from a 40 to 50 per cent model scale'.

"We are very pleased that the purchase of the wind tunnel has now gone through," he added.

"It is a crucial addition to our technical department and hopefully it will help us to build a much more successful 2006 car."