Jackie Stewart has urged Ferrari not to use any underhand tactics to snatch the 2006 Formula One world title from the grasp of Fernando Alonso and Renault at the final round of the season in Brazil.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Stewart claimed the worst thing that could happen at Interlagos would be for Michael Schumacher's team-mate Felipe Massa to take Alonso out of the equation by forcing him off the road, knowing full well Schumacher needs to win and for Alonso to finish out of the points to take the title.

With both the driver and constructor titles angled towards Alonso and Renault's favour, Stewart claims there would be temptation for Ferrari to perhaps do something influential to give Schumacher a parting eighth world title before he retires, even if the Scot admits he does not necessarily expect Ferrari to stoop so low.

"The last thing Formula One needs now is for Massa to be used to influence the outcome," he said. "It would be horrible for the sport after such a thrilling season. I am not suggesting Ferrari will do anything like that. But we all know it has happened before in F1 and I am sure it will happen again.

"The big risk for Alonso is going to be that first corner and first lap. Anything can happen there, especially in Sao Paulo which has been littered with incidents in the past."

With Schumacher constantly whittling Alonso's lead down over the course of the second half of the season, the 2006 title race has been thrilling, although Stewart is in no doubt as to who deserves to claim the crown.

"Fernando deserves the world title. If you look at what he has had to contend with this season then he has done a great job all-round. He is a very clever and mature driver -- I have always been very impressed with him on the track.

"The best result for F1 would be for Michael to win his last race in Brazil and Fernando to come second. I think that would satisfy everyone. Michael can then leave the sport a winner and Fernando would be the world champion."