Spyker are to take on the Dutch air force on Friday when Christijan Albers goes head-to-head with an F-16 fighter jet at Volkel.

The publicity event, named 'Full Throttle', has been organised by the Royal Netherlands Air Force to raise awareness of their recruitment programme and will see Albers in his F8-VII take on pilot Ralph Staal in his jet as the ties between Spyker and the Dutch air force continue.

Those historical ties started back in 1913 when the first commander of the air force drove a Spyker car and from 1915 the air force flew seven Farman F22 planes, built under licence by Spyker.

Today Spyker still uses air force concepts to build its GT cars, known as the Spyker Squadron, while the logo of Spyker also holds an air plane propeller.

Access to the air base is by special entry ticket and activities on the base will not be visible from the public road.