Former Ferrari engineer, Nigel Stepney has once again insisted that he was not the man responsible for leaking secret documents to suspended McLaren chief designer, Mike Coughlan.

Speaking to Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, Stepney added that the person or persons responsible are still at the Scuderia - and that he was 'set up'.

"They can do whatever they want. But they have dragged my family into this mess. Someone gave away the designs but it was not me. Someone has set me up and that person is still within Ferrari," he confirmed to the 'paper.

"I don't want to say anymore or involve anyone else because I only know part of the story. Ferrari knew the whole story."

Stepney, who has since been sacked by Ferrari and who is now facing legal action, added that the white powder found in the petrol tanks of the Ferrari F2007s prior to the Monaco Grand Prix in May was not his doing.

"I didn't put it there," he added. "They put the powder in my pocket while I was taking a shower."

Stepney meanwhile revealed that he has now accepted a new job outside of Formula 1 - no specifics were given.



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