It is a story that gives a whole new meaning to the joke 'Who do you think you are, Michael Schumacher..?'

Following on from reports that the German racing legend had personally taken to the wheel of a taxi in Germany to get to the airport in time, it has now emerged the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion could be in trouble with the law over his indiscretion.

It is alleged the 38-year-old commandeered Tuncer Yilmaz's nine-seater Opel minivan in the city of Coburg in central Germany to transport himself and his family to the airport, handing the Turk a EUR100 tip according to the Sunday Mirror. Reports in Coburg newspaper Neue Presse, however, suggest both Schumacher and Yilmaz are now being investigated by police and state prosecutors.

The Mirror claims Yilmaz described the former Ferrari ace - who recently came out of retirement to test for Maranello once again in Spain, and is this weekend competing for a second time in the Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium - as having driven 'full throttle' around corners and having made overtaking moves 'in some unbelievable places'.

"It was crazy to have Schumi in my cab," Paddock Talk quotes Yilmaz as having said, "and even better to have him behind the wheel. It was the coolest ride of my life - and the fastest!"

"We are looking into precisely what happened," spokesman Jurgen Hannecke is quoted as saying in the Mirror, whilst Schumacher's manager Willi Weber apparently replied to the news of a possible penalty for either party with incredulity.

"It would be ridiculous to punish this man," Weber said. "He helped Michael out of friendliness."



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