Jacques Villeneuve has confirmed recent speculation that he and long-term manager Craig Pollock have decided to bring an end to their long-term business relationship.

The pair enjoyed a successful partnership over the past 15 years, taking both the CART and F1 titles and winning the Indianapolis 500, since their paths recrossed years after Pollock taught the young Villeneuve to ski at school in Switzerland. The ex-pat Scot directed his Canadian charge's career from F3 in Japan, back to the USA to contest Champ Cars and then on to F1, with both Williams and BAR - the latter a shared dream that never quite came to fruition.

Once it became clear that Villeneuve's days in the top flight were numbered, Pollock began making entreaties back in North America, as well as helping to hook JV up with Peugeot for Le Mans.

Villeneuve is now set to embark on a NASCAR career with Bill Davis Racing, and admits that he is probably more able to perform Pollock's role himself. He insists, however, that the split has come about by mutual agreement and that the two will remain close friends.

"A lot has changed in recent years," Villeneuve explained, "I'm older, and probably no longer need a manager to perform those duties that Craig has covered so well before. Now that I'm married, I'm much more reliant on my wife, and more and more I've been working on a lot of that stuff myself.

"Craig and I have been good friends for most of my life, and that doesn't just go away. This is a friendly parting and we remain good friends. He has stuck with me through good times and bad, and I have a lot to thank him for."

Pollock, too, has a new young family, and has said that he would like to concentrate on developing new business opportunities. He admits that he will continue to support Villeneuve in his latest venture, however.

"We've had a fantastic time together, sharing the highs and lows," he pointed out, "I have always believed in Jacques' driving ability and that will never change. NASCAR is a new challenge and, even though I will not be with him, it is my intention to follow his new adventure. Go for it Jacques!"