Haas F1 Team boss Guenther Steiner says he wants to ‘help’ Romain Grosjean become accustomed to the incoming Halo after the Frenchman reiterated his displeasure at it receiving the green light from the FIA for F1 2018.

The sport’s governing body will forge ahead with plans to introduce an updated version of the cockpit protection device next season, despite opposition from several drivers including Grosjean and his team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

Indeed, Grosjean – a director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association – has been vocal about his distaste for the Halo, going as far as to say it made him ‘sick’ when he used it.

As a result, Haas’ Steiner says the team will take it upon themselves to sit down with Grosjean and discuss a solution as the problem will ‘not go away’.

“I think we need to sit down with him, see how we can help. Maybe put something in the simulator to try to get him used to it and things like this but I don’t have the solution yet. It’s one of those things we need to find solutions because it will not go away. There’s no point… We need to sort it out for ourselves. Give him a sick bag!”

Though Steiner hints he is also not a fan of the Halo, he says he respects the ruling and will work hard to ‘make the best of it’

“My personal opinion, about aesthetics, is maybe different but I wouldn’t fight it. Somebody who we gave the authority to do this, he made the decision and we have to respect that, otherwise we shouldn’t give them the authority.

“So I respect it and we just need to make the best out of it and not keep on talking it down in my opinion. We need to live with it, make the best out of it for the sport and get on with it.”


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