Renault Formula 1 advisor Alain Prost says that no manufacturer is looking to return to normally-aspirated V8 or V10 engines in the future as officials debate the sport’s future regulations.

F1 bosses have held meetings with a number of manufacturers both in and out of the sport regarding the post-2020 engine regulations, with a move away from the costly, quest and complicated V6 turbo power units currently used being sought by many.

F1 shifted away from normally-aspirated engines at the end of 2013 when it ditched V8s, and Prost doubts that they will make a return in the future due to a shift in interests for global manufacturers.

“The way they are thinking now, there are no constructors who would like to go back to normally-aspirated engines,” Prost told

“They would like to have engines at least not as complicated as what we have today, but keep the electricity involved in a different way, maybe using it in different things.

“They would not like to go back, which makes sense.”

Prost is involved in Renault’s efforts in F1 and Formula E, and believes that manufacturers are sensible to hold interests in both series, with Mercedes recently becoming the latest brand to confirm it would balance commitments in both championships.

“Formula 1 is the pinnacle of technology. Maybe you could change the regulations sometimes and use different technology,” Prost said.

“If a constructor on the road is going to make different cars, why wouldn’t you be in Formula 1 and Formula E at the same time? It makes sense.

“We’re learning a lot. It’s good for everybody. When you are a worldwide company, you have a different way of marketing or selling products. You have to be in all kinds of things.

“It’s a world where it’s moving a lot. If you are in different areas, it’s better.”



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