Kevin Magnussen has moved on from Nico Hulkenberg’s criticism about his driving during the last Formula 1 race in Hungary, saying negative comments from his peers are “very rare”.

Magnussen came under fire from Hulkenberg over a move during the early part of the race at the Hungaroring, being accused of being “the most unsporting driver” in F1.

Magnussen replied by telling Hulkenberg to “suck my balls”, with the video clip going viral in the hours following the race.

“I know that there’s been a lot of attention on that but no I wasn’t [surprised by the reaction],” Magnussen said.

“I don’t have the Twitter app, or the Instagram app or the Facebook app.”

Magnussen confirmed he had not spoken to Hulkenberg about the incident, and is instead “absolutely” focused on racing as F1 returns from its summer break this weekend in Belgium.

“It’s very rare that I get negative comments from other drivers,” Magnussen said.

“I think he wanted it to be on the television.”

Magnussen has already been confirmed by Haas for 2018, giving the Dane security he did not have at McLaren or Renault in the past and freeing him up to race without pressure through the second half of the season.

“My first two seasons in Formula 1 were tense, especially the first one,” Magnussen said.

“At the end of the year in the second one as well it was tense so it’s always when you feel really, really under pressure you become a little bit more insecure and a little bit less likely to take risks and it’s not the best way to go racing.

“The best way to go racing is to have a free mind and just enjoy it and push as hard as you can and do what you’ve taught yourself to do and practiced so much and what feels natural, without having to worry about mistakes.”


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