Romain Grosjean has confirmed that Haas will switch between Brembo and Carbon Industrie (CI) brakes through the remainder of the 2017 Formula 1 season, depending on the weather conditions and circuit characteristics.

Haas has struggled to get on top of its braking problems since debuting in F1 at the start of last year, making regular changes between Brembo and CI brakes this season.

Haas confirmed earlier this week it would start the Belgian Grand Prix weekend using Brembo, with Grosjean explaining the reasons behind the call on Thursday.

“Quantity management,” Grosjean said when asked about the decision to revert to Brembo brakes for the start of the race weekend at Spa.

“We ran Brembo in Hungary, it was a cooling issue. I believe we’re going to run CI in Monza, and due to the quantity level we thought Brembo here, CI in Monza, then Brembo again in Singapore due to temperature, and then see if we’ve got the new spec for the rest of the season.”

When asked if brake updates were planned, Grosjean said: “I think CI, yes. We’ve got some higher cooling brakes coming. I think it’s more Malaysia or somewhere.”

Haas finds itself embroiled in a close battle with midfield rivals Williams, Toro Rosso and Renault in the constructors’ championship, which Grosjean expects to continue through the second half of the season.

“It’s a tight fight in-between Williams, Toro Rosso, ourselves and Renault, I believe,” Grosjean said.

“McLaren could come back pretty strong, so we need to be careful on that one. Renault has been showing some great performance recently. We need to stay ahead.

“I think Toro Rosso and Williams are still not out of reach, so we’re going to try and do everything we can to fight.

“Between that sixth and ninth position, it’s all pretty much open.”