Christian Horner has confirmed that Red Bull's Formula 1 plans for 2018 will not be affected by any decision sister team Toro Rosso takes over its engine supply for next season as talks with Honda continue.

Toro Rosso is currently engaged in discussions over a possible link-up with Honda for 2018, swapping its Renault engine supply with McLaren as the British marque looks for a way out of its existing deal.

While no announcement has been forthcoming, it has been reported that Toro Rosso set a deadline on Sunday night for any deal to be struck with Honda, failing which it would continue to work with Renault.

Despite heading up the senior team to Toro Rosso, Horner has been largely on the sidelines in discussions, admitting that any decision will have zero impact on Red Bull.

"To me it doesn’t matter what engine Toro Rosso are on," Horner said.

"They’ve been on a different power unit for many years previously, so whether it’s a Renault or a Honda engine doesn’t affect Red Bull Racing at all.

"I can’t offer you any update. The key piece in the whole jigsaw is the McLaren-Honda situation.

"I’m not sure what’s the latest they’ve said on it, but one would assume their position is fairly imminent."

Horner acknowledged last weekend that a deal between Toro Rosso and Honda would give Red Bull an option for an alternative engine supply down the line should its own struggles with Renault continue.

Toro Rosso has only shared an engine supply with Red Bull for two full seasons in F1, having mainly worked with Ferrari since joining the grid in 2006.


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