Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1 should not shy away from the robbery incidents that happened over the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend as it looks to improve security measures for future races at Interlagos.

A number of Mercedes crew members who work with Hamilton were caught up in a gunpoint robbery while leaving the track on Friday night, with a team minibus being targeted.

F1 tyre supplier Pirelli had a van attacked on Sunday following the race, prompting a mutual decision with McLaren and the FIA to cancel a planned two-day test at Interlagos this week over safety concerns.

Hamilton was quick to call on F1 and race officials to do more to improve safety measures and prevent incidents given their frequency, and echoed his message on Sunday after the race, but said the sport should keep coming to Brazil despite long-term concerns about the race.

"I definitely think we should be racing here. I love racing here. I do wish the track was longer like the older times, but I love racing here and I always tell you it’s the fans that make it," Hamilton said.

"I think we definitely need to continue racing here. I honestly don’t know anything about politics, of how the crime rate is or whether it’s improving or not. The incident that happened with us, I think it was hard for them to implement something immediately for the next day, but I think this weekend has definitely highlighted it more than it ever has been as an issue.

"For me personally I make sure I have security here and I have a police escort and I never feel at threat. But it’s not the same for everyone else.

"I think in Mexico there’s a better set-up in place, even at the hotels for example. So that’s something I think hopefully we can get put in place for next year.

"But I definitely don’t think we should shy away from these negative things that have happened. If anything we should look to the solution and use it as an opportunity to improve.

"Hopefully the government see that as an opportunity to see if there’s some way of stopping it as well."



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