Daniel Ricciardo has three overtakes nominated in the top 10 for passes of the year in the 2017 Formula 1 world championship, with Sebastian Vettel in close company getting two nods.

The Red Bull driver topped the total overtaking charts complied by Pirelli with 43 on-track passes during the 2017 season – almost double team-mate Max Verstappen on 22 – and three of the Australian’s overtakes have been nominated for the best of the year by F1.

Ricciardo’s double overtake on Williams pair Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa on his way to victory at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix lands him his first nomination, followed by his part in passing Valtteri Bottas alongside Kimi Raikkonen at Spa-Francorchamps and his final submission was his pass on Raikkonen at turn one at Monza.

The Red Bull driver is victim to one of the overtakes which makes the top 10 shortlist when he was passed by Vettel during the Chinese Grand Prix, while the German driver received a second nod for his double bluff pass at turn one on Bottas. Ricciardo and Vettel were the only two drivers to receive multiple nominations and take up half of the options for F1’s pass of the year.

Reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton makes the list for his fight against Fernando Alonso during the closing laps of the Mexican Grand Prix on his way to sealing a fourth title, with the Spanish driver also receiving a nomination for his move on Carlos Sainz Jr in Hungary.

Maintaining the theme, Sainz makes the shortlist for his pass around the outside of Sergio Perez during the United States Grand Prix but the Force India driver was victim of two nominated passes for his clash with Esteban Ocon in Belgium, while ex-team-mate Nico Hulkenberg going around the outside, with the incident sparked the rules of engagement inside the Force India squad.

Finally, Haas driver Kevin Magnussen completes the top 10 list for his double pass on Massa during the frantic Singapore Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen fails to make the list having won the 2016 FIA Action of the Year award for his pass around the outside in the wet during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Fans can watch all the overtakes on the F1 website and vote for their favourites here.

Full list of nominations for 2017 F1 overtake of the year:

Vettel on Ricciardo in China

Ricciardo double pass on Massa, Stroll in Azerbaijan

Ocon and Hulkenberg squeeze Perez in Belgium

Hamilton on Alonso in Mexico

Ricciardo and Raikkonen pass Bottas in Belgium

Sainz on Perez in USA

Magnussen double pass on Massa in Singapore

Vettel on Bottas in Spain

Alonso on Sainz in Hungary

Ricciardo on Raikkonen in Italy