Daniel Ricciardo has secured the record for most overtakes during the 2017 Formula 1 season with 43 in total including 13 during the British Grand Prix, the most overtakes by one driver at a single race.

F1 tyre supplier Pirelli has complied its 2017 statistics on tyre usage, lap records and overtakes to confirm the Red Bull driver gained the most positions through overtakes in 2017 with 43 in total over the 20-race season – almost double the number of total passes produced by team-mate Max Verstappen (22).

Ricciardo’s stat may have been aided by the number of grid penalties he was hit by during the latter part of the 2017 campaign, therefore having more cars to pass with a lower relative pace, but the Australian’s brave pass on Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen during the Italian Grand Prix stood out as a favourite for both Ricciardo and team boss Christian Horner.

Ricciardo produced 13 overtakes during the British Grand Prix alone, the highest individual number in a race, after starting from last due to grid penalties for engine and gearbox changes as he charged to fifth place at Silverstone.

A total of 435 overtaking manoeuvres were pulled off throughout the 2017 season, an average of 21.8 passes per race, while the fewest number of overtakes came at the Russian Grand Prix which witnessed just one pass on track (excludes passes produced by overcuts or undercuts during pit stops).

The frantic Azerbaijan Grand Prix which was interrupted by multiple safety car periods and a red flag saw the most overtakes with 42 in the race, while Baku podium finisher Lance Stroll pulled off the most passes on the opening lap with 36 overtakes over the course of the year.

Both Red Bull and Ferrari endured the fewest overtakes as a team with 11 each between their drivers in 2017, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton sharing the least number of overtakes suffered with two apiece.

Pirelli has declared its overtake statistics are based on passes that take place during complete flying laps (excluding the opening lap overtake stats) and maintained to the end of the lap with position changes due to major mechanical problems or lapping/unlapping are not counted.

Find all of Pirelli’s statistics on the 2017 F1 season here.



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