Red Bull and McLaren may have been two of Formula 1’s most prominent teams since the turn of the millennium, yet neither has managed to attain a huge amount of success in recent years.

While Red Bull has been largely hamstrung by issues with its Renault power unit since the introduction of the V6 turbo hybrids, McLaren has been hit even harder by a lack of performance and reliability from Honda.

As of 2018, both Red Bull and McLaren will be working closely with Renault in the hope of returning to the front of the pack. Red Bull showed signs of what it is capable of late in the season, while there were even signs of hope at McLaren, particularly in Fernando Alonso’s hands.

Renault has admitted it was “too aggressive” in its push to catch up with Mercedes and Ferrari this year, and now has the winter to learn from its mistakes and iron out any issues before the start of the new campaign in Australia.

So will Renault be able to power Red Bull and McLaren to victory again in 2018? Or will Mercedes and Ferrari continue to fight it out at the front? Let us know your thoughts in today’s Crash forum debate.

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