Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes Formula 1 needs to look at ways to improve overtaking at the Australian Grand Prix. 

Despite the FIA’s efforts to bolster the spectacle by adding a third DRS zone to the Melbourne street circuit, only five overtakes were completed in the season-opening race following the first lap. 

The issue was highlighted in a number of fights up and down the field, including the battle to seal the final podium spot. Daniel Ricciardo was visibly faster than Kimi Raikkonen after he closed in on the Ferrari man in the final laps, but the Australian was unable to find a way through.

“I think it should be looked at here. They’re doing something in Abu Dhabi and I think it should be looked at here if there is a simple solution to create a bigger braking zone,” Horner said.

“Maybe tighten Turn 1 up, something like that, so there is a proper braking zone because the braking areas are too short, especially with the speeds the cars are capable of now. 

“It’s extenuated here,” he added. “Bahrain you can overtake, China you can overtake. But it exposes you.”

Hamilton, who also found it impossible to find a way past Sebastian Vettel to re-take the lead of the race having been leapfrogged following a timing miscalculation under the Virtual Safety Car, said he could not have pulled off an overtake in order “to save his best friend’s life”. 

“One thing for sure I don’t wanna lose this track. I think it’s such a great event, I love being here in Australia. I think it’s a really fantastic city, I love driving around Albert Park," Hamilton explained.

“It is a short track, it could be longer. They definitely I am sure could make adjustments to be able to us… another DRS but it happens to be the second hardest track of all the 21 to overtake. Monaco must be the first with this being the second. 

“But if my best friend was on the edge of a cliff and I couldn’t get to him to save his life today that’s how hard it was to overtake, I couldn't for the life of me with everything, all my might, all my abilities, all my tools, I just couldn’t get close enough to be in fighting range.”



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