Kevin Magnussen has called on Liberty Media to conduct its own research and ignore feedback from Formula 1 drivers, who he says only have their best interests at heart. 

New F1 owners Liberty Media, who are set to reveal more of its post-2020 plans for the future of the sport during this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, is keen to find new ways to help improve the show, but Magnussen has warned F1’s commercial rights holder to be cautious when it comes to listening to drivers views. 

The FIA added a third Drag Reduction System to the Melbourne street circuit in a bid to boost overtaking possibilities at the 2018 season-opener in Australia, but its addition failed to have a significant impact on racing and resulted in criticism from drivers and fans.

Race director Charlie Whiting said the FIA would look into installing similar tactics at other rounds this year, which has included a move to extend the second DRS zone at Sakhir to encourage more overtaking at this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix. 

However, Magnussen - who recently insisted the issue will be circuit dependent - reckons the changes to the DRS zone at the Bahrain International Circuit will prove a step too far and result in “drive-by” racing. 

“I think it was pretty good before extending the DRS,” the Haas driver explained. “A typical thing that F1 tends to do is overreact when you have one bad race, make a big change and then you go too much the over way because the race becomes boring because it’s too easy passing everyone. 

“I think it might be too much, because if you have too much DRS, it’s just a drive by. You don’t get racing, you just get overtakes and swapping of positions, which isn’t  necessarily what everyone wants to see.

“I think F1 and Liberty should just do their own research and not listen to the drivers too much because the drivers will just say what is in their best interests.”

When asked which kind of racing he enjoys the most, the Dane replied: "I enjoy most when I win. I don’t care about racing if I can win. That’s it. 

"All the drivers, there feedback will be for their own best interests. None of us drivers care about making the show better, we want to win. We want the best for ourselves.”