Formula 1 sporting director Ross Brawn believes the last-minute vote to push through aerodynamic changes to try and improve overtaking was “an important step” for the sport. 

On Monday the F1 Commission successfully voted in favour to introduce simplified aerodynamic packages for 2019, including less complicated front wings, wider and deeper rear wings, and simplified front brake ducts, in a bid to improve racing, despite facing opposition from several teams.

It followed concerns from drivers and team members, raised after the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, that current regulations have produced cars that make following and overtaking too difficult. 

Brawn, who has been working with a team of experts to find a solution to F1’s overtaking problem, said Daniel Ricciardo’s collision with Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen in Baku highlighted the aerodynamic problems that F1 hopes to eradicate with the proposed changes for next season. 

"While this was a very severe example, it did highlight once more the need of finding a way to develop the rules to make the cars more raceable in these conditions,” Brawn said. 

“The decision of the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission, sanctioned by the FIA World Motor Sport Council, to approve a number of aerodynamic modifications, aimed at promoting closer racing and more overtaking for the 2019 season is definitely an important step.

“It's also important to note that the decision has been taken after an intense period of research into the FIA's proposals, which were made with the support of Formula 1 and, conducted by a majority of the teams.”

Brawn added the decision showed “good spirit” between teams and was pleased F1 was able to find a solution that fans wanted. 

“It showed good spirit and a good way of working together for a better and more spectacular Formula 1, which is what the FIA, Formula 1, the teams, and most importantly, the fans want. Bravo.”



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