Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen says victory at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix would make up for the disappointment of missing out on the win at last year’s Formula 1 race.

Raikkonen beat teammate Sebastian Vettel to his first pole position since 2008 in Monte Carlo last season and led the opening stint of the race, but fell behind Vettel during the pitstops as he ultimately was forced to settle for second. 

But Ferrari’s first win at the principality since Michael Schumacher’s triumph in 2001 was overshadowed by suggestions the decision to pit Raikkonen earlier than Vettel was done to aid the German’s title bid, though Raikkonen believes the claims were exacerbated by people looking to make a “big story” out of the race. 



“Obviously I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t happy because I want to win, people tried to make a big story out of it but I was upset as obviously I want to win, I wasn’t upset against the team or Seb winning.” Raikkonen said.

“I was happy with the team for a one-two but I was upset at not winning, simple as that. I’ve been second many times in my career. It was simple as that, I miss out, if I’m this year second I’m still not going to be happy.”

The Finn, who is looking to claim his first F1 win since 2013 and his first in Monaco since 2005, explained why the unique challenge of Monte Carlo’s streets provides a greater satisfaction in victory. 

“It’s a bit [of a] special weekend here. You need to have a little bit more [confidence] than a normal circuit. The circuit changes over the practice and qualifying so you need to follow the changes and make sure the car is where you want and able to push when is the right time to push.

“I think it’s because it’s such a tricky place, you don’t get anymore points here than any other place but obviously it’s such a challenge the whole weekend. It’s a longer week with the Friday being off, the difficulty of the place, to be fast here without any issues, not touching the wall too much, that’s what makes it tricky. If you’re the fastest it doesn’t guarantee that you will win as there’s so many things that can happen in front of you.”


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