Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli is considering simplifying the names of its tyre compounds to Hard, Medium and Soft for each of its three available choices per race next season.

The Italian tyre manufacturer introduced two extra compounds for 2018 - taking the total up to seven with the addition of SuperHard and Hypersoft at either end of the spectrum - in a bid to promote alternative strategic options to spice up races after complaints about the number of one-stop races in recent years.

But following a request from FOM and the FIA, Pirelli is now evaluating introducing a simplified system whereby regardless of the actual compound, tyres for each round would be denoted as Hard, Medium and Soft, featuring a sidewall colour coding system consisting of red, yellow and white.

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Pirelli chief Mario Isola explained such a move would make tyre compounds “more understandable” for spectators after concerns were raised that Pirelli had over-complicated its tyre range with the introduction of new compounds ahead of this season.

“It is possible,” Isola told reporters at the Monaco Grand Prix. “We had a request from FOM and also the FIA to just call them Hard, Medium and Soft, with three colours. The same colours, same names for all the races.

“It is an ongoing discussion but we said we are available to evaluate this change. I made a check with the logistics, obviously we need to understand all the implications but it is feasible.

“We produce a specific batch of tyres for each race to be sure that we have all the tyres coming from the same batch of production, all the same and so on. So honestly to put a purple label, or a yellow label, or any other colour is not a big issue. It’s a possibility.”

Isola said Pirelli could then communicate “deeper” tyre compound information to F1 teams using a lettering format.

“Obviously they would be different compounds because we cannot use the same compounds for Silverstone, Monaco and Suzuka," he added. "So the idea is to have three names, three colours.

“Let’s say on a second level we have compound A, B, C, D, F or whatever, and we will tell you that for this race the Hard tyre is B and the Medium is D. We have also the possibility to go deeper in detail for technical information that we will continue to provide.”

Isola also suggested Pirelli could scale back on the number of compounds for 2019, adding the number should be “in the range” of five to six in order to provide sufficient flexibility in tyre choices.