The World Motor Sport Council has ratified the proposed aerodynamic changes in the Formula 1 technical regulations from 2019 as part of the sport's push to increase overtaking and improve the on-track spectacle.

Following talks between the FIA, F1 Commission and F1 Strategy Group in April, it was confirmed that changes would be made to the technical regulations for 2019 to reduce the amount of dirty air being produced from the rear of cars, allowing drivers to more closely follow a competitor ahead on-track.

The tweaks relating to the front wing, rear wing and brake ducts still required approval from the World Motor Sport Council, with the final green light being given on Thursday following its latest meeting in Manila.

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"The World Council confirmed the results of the recent e-votes regarding the 2019 F1 Sporting and Technical Regulations," a statement from the FIA reads.

"These included aerodynamic changes to the front wing, brake ducts, and rear wing and are aimed at improving overtaking."

The FIA also confirmed that approval had been given to extend the pre-race ceremony by 10 minutes in order to give drivers more time on the grid before attending the national anthem, making them more available to members of the media.

"The World Council approved changes to the 2018 F1 Sporting Regulations to ensure the cars and drivers are on the starting grid for ten minutes longer before the national anthem ceremony, thereby providing better access to the drivers for the media," the FIA release confirmed.

"These changes will be in effect from the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend (10 June)."