Valtteri Bottas will take a new power unit ahead of practice for the British Grand Prix on Friday after the Mercedes Formula 1 team opted to make a precautionary change following the Finn's retirement in Austria.

Bottas was forced to retire from last Sunday's race after just 13 laps due to a hydraulic issue, with the team moving swiftly to identify and resolve the problem on his car.

Shortly before opening practice for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Friday, Mercedes confirmed that Bottas would be taking his third power unit of the season on Friday as a precaution following his Austria retirement.

"Valtteri will take a third PU this weekend. This is a precaution after we suffered high temps on his second PU from heat soak following the retirement in Austria," a Mercedes spokesperson said.

"It doesn't mean PU2 is out of service, it will be used again and thoroughly checked in Germany. No penalties are incurred because we remain within the permitted contingent of components. FIA documents will confirm in due course."

Bottas will take his third internal combustion engine, MGU-H, and turbocharger at Silverstone, as well as a second MGU-K for the year, putting him on the cusp of a grid penalty. The Finn will fall at least 10 places on the grid if he takes one more of any of the aforementioned components.