Red Bull’s Max Verstappen says Renault’s Formula 1 engine failures are becoming “difficult to accept”, following his latest issue in the Hungarian Grand Prix. 

The Dutchman made early progress from his starting position of seventh place and was running in fifth place when his RB14 ground to a halt coming out of Turn 5 on the sixth lap, with Verstappen reporting “no power”. 

Verstappen opened his pit-to-car radio to launch into an expletive-filled radio rant, highlighting his frustrations at the seventh DNF for a Red Bull car this season. 

Hungarian GP - Best Moments

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“Can I not just go ahead, I don’t fucking care if this engine blows up. What a fucking joke all the time,” he said. 

When asked if he felt he deserves better, Verstappen replied: “Yeah I think for both sides, Daniel and me, honestly it’s just not at all how it should be. 

“You pay millions as a team for what you hope is a decent engine but it keeps breaking down and we accept that we are also the slowest out there, so honestly at the moment it’s difficult to accept. 

“I was very angry at the radio, I think there was a lot of beeping out there, which was a shame in a way because it would’ve been better if they would’ve allowed it, but that’s how it is.”

Verstappen felt fifth place at the very least could have been possible had he not encountered the issue. 

“I mean I was 25 seconds ahead because of the starting position I was in, and I felt okay with the car. At the end of the day we could’ve been easily fifth if nothing happened in front,” he said. 

“That’s again very good points just strolling away so let’s see what we have to do in Spa if we have to take a penalty or not I don’t know yet. At the moment I also don’t really care.”



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