Force India and Williams provided the first glimpse of Formula 1’s new-for-2019 front wing designs on the morning of the first day of in-season testing in Hungary. 

Both teams ran experimental versions of the front wing regulations that will be introduced next year in a bid to reduce the amount of dirty air being produced from the rear of the car ahead, allowing drivers to follow their competitors more closely without the extreme detrimental effects seen in 2017 and 2018. 

Hungarian GP - Best Moments

The 2019 front wings are 200mm wider than the current specifications and 25mm deeper, while featuring fewer complicated aerodynamic elements and endplates. 

Williams young driver Oliver Rowland completed a handful of outlaps before returning to the pitlane and Force India’s Nicholas Latifi carried out a similar run. Teams will gather the information collected from the running to use in tandem with data back at their respective factories.