Formula 1 teams’ tyre selections for upcoming races in Belgium and Italy have been released by Pirelli. 

The Italian tyre manufacturer is bringing the Medium, Soft and Supersoft compounds to both rounds, with world championship protagonists Mercedes and Ferrari differing in their picks. 

Renault Vs Red Bull

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For the Belgian Grand Prix, championship leader Lewis Hamilton and teammate Valtteri Bottas will both take three sets of Mediums, four sets of Softs and six sets of Supersofts. 

Ferrari’s tyre choices differs slightly between its drivers, with Sebastian Vettel favouring an extra set of Mediums compared to Kimi Raikkonen, who will have just a single set of the hardest tyre on offer available to him, though the Finn will have five sets of Softs to Vettel’s four.

As has become a theme of this season, the Scuderia has chosen more sets of Pirelli’s softest available tyre compared to Mercedes. 

Aside from F1’s leading teams, the most eye-catching picks come from McLaren, with both Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne each taking four sets of Mediums, five Softs and four Supersofts - the fewest of any team. 

For the next round in Monza the following weekend, Ferrari has once again loaded up on Supersofts compared to Mercedes, with both sets of drivers differing slightly in the amount of Medium and Soft tyres they have opted for. 

Similar to Mercedes, Red Bull has picked fewer sets of Pirelli’s red-marked Supersofts, with both its drivers favouring harder compounds. 

Once again McLaren has taken a different route to its rivals, though its choices for Italy are far less dramatic than its Belgian GP selection, with both drivers going for two sets of Mediums, four sets of Softs and just seven sets of Supersofts. 



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