Lewis Hamilton is a fan of a proposed concept car for the 2021 Formula 1 season, adding he will “definitely be driving” in the sport if it follows that direction.

Images leaked online across social media ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix of a concept vision for how F1 cars could look from 2021, when the sport’s next regulation cycle begins.

F1 sporting chief Ross Brawn unveiled the concept in a ‘Tech Talk’ meeting ahead of this weekend’s race in Singapore, with the former Ferrari technical mastermind currently spearheading plans to create a more exciting and appealing sport that will lower costs and create a level playing field among competitors.

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Hamilton took to his Instagram account to share his views of the Ferrari mock-up, which features simpler, aggressive looking front and rear wings and also included the 18-inch wheels that are set to be introduced post-2020.

The Briton, who leads this year’s world championship by 30 points over Sebastian Vettel, recently penned a fresh two-year deal with reigning world champions Mercedes and suggested he would happily extend his spell in F1 into 2021 and beyond should the sport follow the design path of the concept, though he called for a return to V12 or V10 power units.