Lewis Hamilton insists he is paying “no attention” to the mistakes Sebastian Vettel has made throughout the 2018 Formula 1 season.

The Briton extended his championship lead over the Ferrari driver to 50 points after claiming a controversial victory in the Russian Grand Prix, following Mercedes' use of team orders in Sochi.

Hamilton’s considerable points lead has been boosted thanks a number of notable errors from Vettel this season, including tangling with both Mercedes drivers in separate opening lap incidents in France and Italy, as well as crashing out while leading the German Grand Prix – which Hamilton went on to win.


Asked if he felt Vettel’s errors had been influenced by the pressure he has put the German under, Hamilton replied: “Honestly I’ve paid no attention to it in the sense in questioning myself as to why it is. It’s not something I really think about.

“All I think about is how I can be the best I can be and all I can have an impact on is on myself and in what I do so that’s literally just what I focus on.”

Vettel and Hamilton went wheel-to-wheel in Russia following a small lock-up from the German, with Hamilton eventually coming out on top thanks to a divebomb move under braking for Turn 4 after Vettel had defended firmly at Turn 2.

Hamilton revealed he has been working hard to improve upon his own weaknesses and recently said he felt “proud” to have so far avoided the mistakes that have blighted Vettel’s campaign.

“Everyone has weaknesses and every year I try and work on them weaknesses,” he explained.

“One year, it could be one thing and the thing that was great the previous year could be off the following year because you focus on another area.

“Everyone has weaknesses, it’s just about trying to find the best average I guess of your capabilities.

“You’re going to have strong points and areas that you’re not as good but you can focus on those and try to improve them.

“I think naturally it is such a close and intense battle that even the smallest incident that we have it is magnified.”