Lewis Hamilton wants Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli to create much softer compounds for the 2019 season to put an end to “ridiculous” one-stop races.

Pirelli softened its tyre selection for this year and introduced two new compounds at either end of the spectrum in a bid to encourage greater variation in race strategies.

Despite the change, 13 of the 16 rounds so far in 2018 have been won by drivers using a one-stop strategy - leading to calls from Hamilton for the Italian tyre manufacturer to move at least “three steps softer” with its 2019 range.

"I've really got to keep pushing Pirelli because the tyres feel great here, but this whole one-stop business is just ridiculous," Hamilton said.

"So next year I reckon they've got to go like three or four - maybe three steps softer. Swing [the compounds] all lower so we have to do at least two stops per race.”

Hamilton also wants Pirelli to switch to the thinner gauge compound that featured at races in Spain, France and Great Britain to reduce the effects of overheating, which he believes would improve the quality of wheel-to-wheel racing.

"It's going to make it a little bit more challenging, and more grip, naturally, as you go to the softer compounds.

"And then [have] the thinner gauge, so you have less of the thermal blisters that we see. Maybe [then] we can be able to follow [other cars] and have more racing."

Pirelli believes a one-stop strategy will prove the quickest and best option in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix, adding a two-stopper is "possible but slower".