Guenther Steiner says he is confident about Haas’ prospects for the upcoming Formula 1 season but remains wary of the gains rival teams could have made over the winter.

Haas capped off its most successful F1 season to date by securing fifth place in the 2018 constructors’ championship, 29 points behind midfield leaders Renault.

Steiner provided an update on the development of the American squad’s 2019 challenger and added he is encouraged by the early numbers showing in the wind tunnel, though he stressed the pecking order will be tough to predict, particularly with revised aerodynamic regulations being introduced.

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“Everything is on schedule as it should be,” Steiner said.

“It is like every year, you have some stuff which is a little bit behind but it’s nothing abnormal.

“I’m confident we’ll have a good car but I don’t know how good the other ones are.

“We are happy with our numbers and what we do but with the new regulations, if somebody found something we are not aware of, how can I know that?

“But I’m pretty confident that we are going a good job.”

Asked if he is worried about the prospect of added challengers coming from the likes of the rebranded Racing Point squad and a revitalised Sauber, Steiner replied: “I think everyone will go for that position and even better, and we will as well.

“We just need to do a good job like we did last year over the winter and bring a good car, there is no secret. Everyone will be trying to get that position.

“Last year if somebody had said Haas was going to finish fifth nobody would have believed it, and would have said how do you do it?

“I don’t know how but you do your best and if nobody does a better job then that’s where we end up.

“If we do a good job, which I think we do, but somebody else does that little bit more, they will be in front and we will have to live with that and just try to get them again. It’s a development race.”

Steiner also revealed Haas is looking to bring in around “10-20” additional personnel into positions “we can be stronger” but said there will be no major changes to the team’s structure.

“You cannot just hire 800 people and think the next day you will go fast, that will not happen in Formula 1.

“We need to grow it organically and try to get the best people which fit also our culture and want to contribute and that is what we are doing every year.”

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