2016 world champion Nico Rosberg believes Formula 1 will have no choice but to switch to electric "at some point” in the future. 

Formula E is currently leading the motorsport charge as the only all-electric single-seater championship to follow the automotive industry’s push towards electric transport on the roads on a global scale. 

Speaking to the BBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the former Williams and Mercedes driver reckons F1 will soon be forced into change.

Formula E Technology with Nicki Shields | Crash.Net

"If the whole world is selling electric cars, or hydrogen-powered cars, Formula 1 can’t still be running on petrol engines, that wouldn’t make sense," Rosberg said. 

"At some point they will have to switch, I believe.

"Two years ago, everybody was like: ‘Nah, nah, electric cars’, and now even some of the craziest petrolheads are already starting to be open-minded about it and it’s starting to become cool very quickly.”

Following his retirement from the sport, Rosberg has made the foray into a number of technology-based business ventures and has also become an investor in Formula E.

"When I was a Formula 1 driver I was completely focused just on what I was doing, and then when it stopped it was all gone I had to look at the world and say: ‘what’s out there?’,” he explained. 

"And this is where things have driven me towards.

"I’m bringing this fast lane approach to the slow lane, and I think   that’s really a strength because F1 is so hyper-fast paced, everything, even decision making.

"There’s so much talk, talk, talk but [we need] little action sometimes. This is something I learned in F1 and I can really transfer that over and it's really beneficial."