Kimi Raikkonen says he does not have “any expectations” heading into the 2019 Formula 1 season with Alfa Romeo Racing. 

The 39-year-old Finn has returned to the renamed Sauber outfit he made his F1 debut with back in 2001 for the upcoming campaign after swapping seats with Ferrari protege Charles Leclerc

Alfa Romeo has looked promising throughout the opening pre-season test in Barcelona, though Raikkonen is not getting carried away by the team’s prospects after ending up with the second-fastest time on Wednesday. 



“I don’t have any expectation,” Raikkonen said. “We can only do our best, but I think the team has built a good car and I think that’s a good starting point. 

"We still have a lot of things to work on, for sure more work to be done than maybe in a bigger team, but I think so far it has been good.”

Asked if he felt Alfa Romeo could be towards the top of the midfield order in 2019, Raikkonen replied: “It’s impossible to say from testing. 

“Maybe we’ll get some idea from next week but, for sure, in two or three weeks, whenever the first race is, we’ll find out. 

“I think from our side we’ve been pretty happy, but where we’re going to end up in the first race, we have no idea. So far everything is OK.” 

Raikkonen said he has bedded into his new team quickly and has been pleased by the early signs from Alfa Romeo’s C38. 

“In the cockpit, once you sit in, it all looks pretty similar, so it has been quite smooth, I have to admit,” he added. 

“Obviously there’s work to be done, that’s the same for everyone, but once we put everything how we like I think it should be pretty OK.

“I think we’ve been quite pleased with how the car is feeling, so far, we’ve done a lot of running, which is always a good thing but it’s very early days and we’re still learning.” 


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