Sergio Perez has praised Formula 1 for an “incredible job” with its tweaked aerodynamic rules for the 2019 season, believing it has made it easier to follow other cars on-track.

F1 introduced revised aerodynamic regulations for 2019 in order to try and improve the racing spectacle by making it easier for cars to follow each other and overtake, with changes to the front and rear wings being implemented.



Teams got their first chance to sample the new cars on-track through pre-season testing in Barcelona over the past two weeks.

Racing Point driver Perez offered positive feedback when asked about the revised cars, praising the sport’s rulemakers for the changes made.

“Certainly it feels like you lose less downforce,” Perez said.

“So far I would say that Formula 1 have done an incredible job at the moment with the rules.

“We will see what it is like in Melbourne, racing with other cars around you with similar pace.

“But I really hope the show can be better.”

Perez added that he believed the advantage gained by DRS would also be more noticeable as it would be easier to run within the one-second window required.

“I think the delta to overtake a car should be reduced by quite a bit, given that you can follow more and [get] the advantage from DRS,” Perez said.

“So I hope the racing can be a lot more fun for the fans and the drivers."


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