McLaren Formula 1 test driver Sergio Sette Camara says he is approaching any on-track opportunities with the team as a “bonus assessment” to impress.

The Brazilian Formula 2 racer made his McLaren F1 test debut on Wednesday during the second day of the post-Spanish Grand Prix test, having taken over from development driver Oliver Turvey for the afternoon session.

“You are always being judged,” Camara said. “I always think I am mainly being assessed on my F2 season, which is not going very well, so that’s my focus.

“But I see any interaction with the F1 team as a kind of a bonus assessment. I’m trying to just do the best job I can.

“In the test, teams are always looking for consistent, mature drivers that are 100 percent guaranteed to make a productive test, and there’s not many drivers like that because a bunch of them have racing programmes that don’t fit with F1, or doing other things.

“It’s good to be one of those drivers in case I find myself in the future with not many opportunities, I will be a good fit for a role like that, so it’s always good to do a good role wherever you go.”

Camara had hoped to challenge for the F2 title in his sophomore campaign in the series, but has endured a tough start to the season and sits sixth in the standings, 60 points behind DAMS teammate and championship leader Nicholas Latifi.

After kicking off the year with a double podium in Bahrain, Camara has only managed one points finish since and admits he has now been forced to reassess his targets.

“I think it’s always important to be re-framing [your goals] and then in case I get a chance of fighting for the title I will re-frame it again,” he said. “But I am not in the same position and with the same frame as I was at the beginning of the championship.

“In the end, it’s not about the points but the shape itself. I need to regain confidence with my car, with my team and it’s a slow process. If I say now that in Monaco I will get the pole and two wins I will just damaging that even more, relationships, confidence and everything.

“It’s just important to maybe bring the expectations and hopes a bit down and then rebuild from there. If I get into a shot again for the championship I will realise it but I just need to get back to scoring points and get the confidence back.”



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