Sebastian Vettel says he is not becoming frustrated after going 16 Formula 1 races without tasting victory.

The Ferrari driver has not won since last year’s Belgian Grand Prix but came closest to ending his barren run at the Canadian Grand Prix, having crossed the line in first place, only to be demoted to second following a controversial time penalty.

Vettel could only manage fifth place at last weekend’s French Grand Prix as Mercedes romped to its sixth one-two finish of the season and continued its 100 percent winning start at Paul Ricard.

Speaking in France ahead of the race, Vettel insisted: “I am not frustrated. It is not like we had 15 races to win and we didn’t win them, then I’d be frustrated.

“We did the best we could and I think arguably this year I think we could have had two shots so far and one obviously Charles [Leclerc] had a troubled race and I wasn’t there in that race and the other one at least we crossed the line first but I think we covered that.

“I think it all depends when looking back but generally, I’m pretty happy with the races I’ve had. You always think you could do a bit more here and there but it is not as if we have dominated the past 15 races.”

And Vettel said he is not having trouble keeping motivated despite Ferrari’s difficult start to the season.

“I’m not overthinking these things,” he explained. “Generally I just look forward as I’m part of the team and that’s what I want to be.

“I try to help where I can and I think we look forward to the next race but also setting the right path for three or four or five races or for the future in general.

“So, I don’t find the challenge now different to last year or the years before. Obviously we are in a better place than may be in 2015 and 2016. So I think that 2017 and 2018 have been a clear step in the right direction.

“It’s true that at this point last year we were more competitive, but it is what it is now. It doesn’t make much sense to spend time on where we were the last race or ten races ago in terms of results and gaps.

“I think what is important is to look back at these races and understand what we need to do better then generally look forward,” he added.

“That’s the way I approach. I love racing, nothing has changed about that, I really enjoyed the race today I was lonely but it was nice in terms of being able to push yourself lap by lap.

“For sure it would’ve been nicer to challenge for the win rather than fifth and chasing in the distance the guys in front but yeah that’s where we currently are and the key is to keep our heads down and keep our focus to make sure we are not there the entire year.

“Obviously we’d like to be in a better position now, we are not, so it’s up to us to work better and work better than them to close the gap as soon as we can.”

“I don’t spend too much time thinking left and right. I think it’s key that we concentrate on what’s important to get us in a better place in the next race and in the next couple of weeks and months.”



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