George Russell says it will take the Williams Formula 1 team another five-to-six races before it can make any “noticeable” progress.

Williams has propped up the order throughout the opening eight rounds of the 2019 season, though marginal improvements have been made in recent races. The Grove-based squad remains anchored to the bottom of the constructors’ championship and is the only team yet to score a point.

Russell believes Williams is beginning to turn a corner, though he admits the team is likely to remain at the back of the pack even if further progress is made.

“Everyone’s positive, which is really impressive to see how motivated everyone is considering the difficult times,” Russell said.

“We’re going to be in this position for a number of races to come, and only 5-6 races we’ll be able to make a bit of progress that is noticeable to you guys really, and even then we’re still going to be at the back.

“The start of the year has really put us on the backfoot, and we need to make the most of it and do as much work as we can now to have better results for the end of the year.”

Russell said Williams is not anticipating a “major upgrade” at any of the upcoming races, but is instead focusing on smaller performance updates.

“We’re not really bringing a major sort of upgrade anywhere, just dribs and drabs really,” he explained.

“We’ll have a little bit in Silverstone, a little bit in Germany really, a few races after as well. Just little bits.

“Nothing that’ll put us into Q3! Put us into Q2, I know this is being written so sense of humour isn’t taken into account in this!”



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