Andreas Seidl says the future growth of McLaren’s Formula 1 operation will be heavily influenced by the next set of regulations, scheduled for 2021.

Over the last year McLaren has made major organisational changes to its personnel in its continued recovery bid to move back up F1’s pecking order, while it recently announced plans for a construction of a new windtunnel at the team’s Woking base.

Seidl believes McLaren now has everything in place to make the next steps, but says further changes will only be considered once the 2021 rules become clear.

“I think we have, now in place, in terms of organisation, everything it needs to make the next steps,” Seidl said.

“We make steps also on the infrastructure side, we get this new wind tunnel. Again it takes time.

“But I think, together with, hopefully the right regulations coming into place in 2021, I think we have everything we need to be successful again.

“And then it’s just down to me and the team in order to make it happen step-by-step.”

Asked if there are any plans to increase the amount of staff at McLaren’s Woking headquarters, Seidl replied: “That’s something I’m working through at the moment.

“It’s still too early. I mean, how to set up the team for the future, also heavily affected by how the rules will be in the end, the 2021 rules. That’s, in the end the biggest hold-up in the moment.

“To understand exactly, first of all, how do the rules look like and then I have to figure out with all the key players involved, and with Zak [Brown], how do we want to shape the team for the future?”

McLaren has not won a grand prix since Jenson Button’s victory at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, while Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title triumph remains the team’s last championship success.

The British squad has made significant progress this season following a tough first year with Renault and disastrous partnership with Honda prior to that. It currently sits 20 points clear of Renault in fourth spot in the constructors’ standings.



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