Mick Schumacher called his demonstration run in a Ferrari F2004 car "amazing" after sampling his father's Formula 1 championship-winning chassis for the first time on Saturday at Hockenheim.

Michael Schumacher claimed 13 wins and his seventh F1 world title in the Ferrari F2004, which is remembered as one of the most dominant and fastest cars in the sport's history.

Currently racing in Formula 2, Schumacher Jr. was given the opportunity to demonstrate the F2004 after a Spanish collector allowed two cars to be brought to Hockenheim for the German Grand Prix race weekend.

"It was great," Schumacher said after completing the run. "It was amazing to be able to drive the car around here. It was my dad’s seat and everything, and I fitted perfectly, so that was even on top greater.

"Going out of the pit lane and coming back, I never lost the smile the whole time, even when I was locking up! It was really cool.

"I just wanted to go out and drive, then obviously having to wait just in front of the pit exit was even more like a torture. I just wanted to turn it on myself and go out."

It marked Schumacher's second run-out in one of his father's cars, having previously sampled the 1994 Benetton B194 at Spa in 2017. He also tested Ferrari's current 2019 car in Bahrain earlier this year.

"I’ve been able to test cars 10 years apart, the '94, 2004, and obviously the 2019 one. In general, I think that the development between 1994 and 2004 was huge step, and then obviously now again an even bigger step," Schumacher said.

"But to be able to drive the V10, and how that behaved and sounded was pretty special."



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