Daniel Ricciardo says he can see some similarities between former teammate Sebastian Vettel’s current struggles and his difficult 2014 season, but is sure the Ferrari driver is strong enough to bounce back.

Vettel was joined at Red Bull in 2014 by Ricciardo, who sprung a surprise by beating the then-reigning world champion across the course of the season. Vettel left Red Bull at the end of the year to join Ferrari.

Comparisons have been made between 2014 and Vettel’s ongoing struggles after being joined by a young teammate – Charles Leclerc – and immediately finding himself under pressure to perform.

“There are a few similarities, the young guy coming up to give the older guy a hard time. We have seen a little bit of this now with Charles,” Ricciardo said at Hockenheim on Friday.

“You probably have to ask Seb, but I am sure that there are some similarities there. and a bit of pressure from the young guy coming up.

“I still think Seb is strong enough to be able to overcome it if that is the case. It is really up to him. If he starts to gather some momentum you could see him start to find his form again.

“But also Charles is young and still will probably keep improving, so I think Charles will be at the front for many years. It’s up to Seb how he handles it.

“[It’s] probably up to Seb as well how long he wants to spend. If he keeps motivation and focus, he has the talent to stay for another few years. But that is up to him.”

Vettel was asked about the similarities to 2014 over the British Grand Prix weekend, but said his current situation with Ferrari was “very different”.



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