Valtteri Bottas says he was not informed about Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Lewis Hamilton’s spin shortly before his own crash at the same corner during the German Grand Prix.

Hamilton spun at Turn 1 on Lap 53 of Sunday’s race in Hockenheim and dropped to the back of the field, just a handful of laps before Bottas crashed at the same turn after getting caught out by a damp patch on the kerbs and slammed into the barriers, ending his race.

As a result, Bottas who had been on course for a podium spot, missed the chance to reduce his teammate’s advantage in the championship, with Hamilton ultimately able to extend his lead to 41 points after post-race penalties promoted him into the top 10.

Asked if he was made aware about Hamilton’s incident, Bottas replied: “I was not informed about that.

“There were obviously a lot of things going on in the race and the team had to filter in those kind of conditions what they inform me about and the information they feel I should have, because it is more demanding mentally to drive in those conditions.

“It doesn’t take much to make a mistake, and obviously you try to minimise the work load for the driver from the distractions and unnecessary information.

“I didn’t get that information, maybe now looking back it would have been nice.

“It was only now that I saw the spin and crash that I had from the top view and I could see only then the proper clear dry line and wet line outside, which wasn’t that visible in the car actually.”

Bottas added that in hindsight it “would have been useful” information to have received at the time.

Asked if he is now relying on Hamilton to hit some bad luck in order to swing the title fight back in his favour, Bottas replied: “For sure, the last race was bad for Lewis but in the end it was bad for me also because of my mistake.

“Watching all the seasons back in Formula 1 anything can happen and that’s why there is no point giving up. I can’t say I am relying on that, but for sure it would be a big benefit.

“There is a bit of a points gap and one way or another I need to get closer sooner or later and for me personally it would have been helpful if he had been more unlucky, obviously it’s not good for the team but for me personally it would be good.

“But we will see. I am not relying on that. I want to perform and may the best man win.”