Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Mattia Binotto says his side will need “to do everything perfect” in order to claim its first Italian Grand Prix victory in nine years.

The Maranello has not won its home race at Monza since Fernando Alonso’s triumph in 2010, but Ferrari arrives as strong favourites this weekend given its strong engine performance which helped the team secure its first victory of the season in Belgium last time out.

Despite being handed the pre-race favourites tag due to its straight-line speed advantage over chief rival Mercedes, which should play into its hands around the power-sensitive circuit, Binotto is keen to remain grounded about Ferrari’s chances.

“To prepare for Monza or the best way to approach Monza would have been to win many races before and not only Spa,” he explained.

“But certainly Spa and Monza are the most power sensitive circuits, and we proved that our package is competitive at Spa, and we maybe expect to be competitive in Monza as well, no doubt.

“We’ve developed some low downforce packages. Some of it has been used here in Spa. I don’t know what the others have prepared for Monza, so that’s really a question mark.

“But true as well that we know our car is competitive on the straights for the speed we’ve got, and after Spa, I may say that we will be competitive in Monza as well.

“I think the winning in Spa is important as well for our fans. Hopefully many fans will join us in Monza to support us because we’ve seen to win, you need to do everything perfect from the qualy to the start to the team management, to the drivers themselves, their driving.

“Nothing can be left and I’m expecting as well that it will be very difficult at Monza. We will need to perfect there, knowing that certainly we may be competitive as well.”

Belgian Grand Prix victor Charles Leclerc is riding a wave of confidence after a recent strong run of form heading into Ferrari’s home race, and the Monegasque is excited by the prospect of being welcomed by the Tifosi for the first time as a Ferrari works driver.

“For me, last year, coming to Monza was probably one of the best experiences in my life,” Leclerc said.

“The support I had, even though I was not a Ferrari driver, was unbelievable, so I can’t imagine now obviously I just won my first race in Formula 1.

“I imagine the welcome will be great, as it was last year but probably even more now, firstly driving for Ferrari and secondly because I just had my first win in Formula 1. I’m really looking forward to arriving in Italy.”



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