Renault claims Daniel Ricciardo gained just one microsecond through the MGU-K power spike that resulted in his exclusion from qualifying in Singapore on Saturday.

After qualifying eighth for Renault at Marina Bay, Ricciardo was thrown out of the final classification after the MGU-K on his power unit was found to have exceeded the maximum permitted power output during Q1.

Renault’s defence rested on the fact the power spike came on Ricciardo’s second-fastest Q1 lap, and “offered no measurable benefit”, only for the stewards to still throw the Australian out of the final results.

Renault confirmed following the stewards’ ruling that it would not be appealing the decision, but claimed the advantage had been just 0.000001 second.

“Renault F1 Team acknowledges the decision from the FIA Stewards to disqualify Daniel Ricciardo from the qualifying session of the Singapore Grand Prix,” Ricciardo said.

“He benefitted from an advantage measured at one-microsecond due to a kerb hit that caused his MGU-K to overrev on his slowest lap of Q1. The decision will therefore not be appealed.”

Ricciardo is set to start the race from the back of the grid barring any specification changes on his Renault R.S.19 car, and will be permitted to take some new power unit elements should the choose opt to do so.

The only other driver currently facing a grid penalty in Singapore is Sergio Perez, who was hit with a five-place drop for changing gearbox on Saturday. Perez will only lose four places as a result of Ricciardo's exclusion, though.

The Singapore Grand Prix gets underway at 1310 BST on Sunday.



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