Sergio Perez feels the debate over track limits in Formula 1 is a “never-ending story” following backlash over their enforcement in Russia two weeks ago.

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen was left fuming over a penalty received for not adhering to the stewards’ rules on using the escape road at the corner, which had already been the site of a sizeable accident in the Formula 2 race earlier in the day when two drivers returned to the track at speed.

The FIA has confirmed it will be open to reviewing the corner in the future, but there is doubt over putting gravel or grass down at the corner given the circuit’s other requirements.

Speaking on Thursday in Japan, Racing Point driver Perez said there was a need to revise Turn 2 at Russia in order to stop repeats of this year’s incidents.

“I just find that every year we tend to go into those arguments, unnecessary arguments,” Perez said.

“You see the track layout that we have in Turn 2, I would definitely expect a change for next year. What happened in GP2, that kind of thing, it just looks silly. They have to make a change.

“I think the corner is just wrong. There should be a natural penalty for people going off, whether it’s gravel or grass, whatever. I think it’s come to a point where we’ve got to make a change.”

This weekend’s race at Suzuka offers more traditional deterrents to exceeding track limits by using both grass and gravel – something Perez felt was good for drivers.

“This is a great example of how tracks should be. If you go off anywhere, you pay a big price,” Perez said.

“I wish every track was the same, that the run-off areas, it’s a safe circuit, but it’s a circuit that you’ve got to respect.

“If you go off, it’s always going to be a big shunt. I think as a driver you like this kind of circuit.”



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