Lewis Hamilton has rated Mercedes’ 2019 Formula 1 season “9.6 out of 10” as there is “always room to improve” despite the team’s double title-winning campaign.

Mercedes successfully defended both world championships as it became the first team in F1 history to claim six successive title doubles, with Hamilton beating teammate Valtteri Bottas to claim his sixth drivers’ world title.

The German manufacturer scored nine 1-2 finishes and won 15 of the 21 grands prix across the year, but Hamilton insisted there is “definitely” areas Mercedes can do better heading into 2020.

Asked to rate his 2019, Hamilton, who clinched 11 victories, replied: “Probably just on the team side, I think we could say we’ve done 9.6 out of 10 maybe.

“Just because there’s always room to improve, and we’ve not been perfect all year. We’ve not won every single race, and there are areas we can definitely round up and do better.

“And I think it’s also really important to be critical of yourself always, never say that you’re perfectly happy with the job that you’ve done.

“You always know there are areas you can improve on, and that’s for all of us.

“For myself, I don’t really ever judge. There’s definitely improvements to be made, that’s for sure.”

But Hamilton added he believes Mercedes’ constant strive for perfection and level of sustained success has made it stronger than ever before.

“It’s definitely been an incredible season for us,” he explained.

“When we look back on our performances, which we’ve not done just quite yet, we always take it one race at a time, and look back at one race and move forward.

“Just sitting with Bono [race engineer Pete Bonington], I think we’re very proud of the job that we’ve done collectively as a team, and what’s great is that our heads are still down, we’re still focused on how we can improve, and there’s not a moment that we think will be perfect.

“Bono and I, and Marcus, continue on the team looking at where we can improve next year, as we’re going to need to, just continue to raise the bar, which is not easy with a season like this.

“Still striving for perfection, so our goal is to try and do a better year somehow next year, but we have no idea what will come and what obstacles we will be faced with.

“I do think we are the best team we have ever been, the most united group of people that have ever been, and the most focused globally. The best prepared.”