Reigning Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton fears it could take up to 50 years for environmental concerns to be acted upon as “the world is slow to change”.

Hamilton has often shared his concerns about the state of the planet amid increasing environmental issues and has tried to encourage others to change their lifestyle by adopting a vegan diet.

The Briton faced some backlash with critics claiming he is hypocritical given that he drives in F1, though the championship currently uses the most efficient car engines in the world in terms of thermal efficiency and has launched a plan to eradicate its carbon footprint by 2030.

Asked at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix if he feels there will still be a place for motorsport in 10 years time, Hamilton replied: “I think for at least the next 50 years you are going to have the same questions.

“The world is slow to change and I don’t see it changing drastically any time soon. You even hear about F1 implementing it only in 10 years, I don’t fully understand why that doesn’t change sooner.

“These large corporations that have a lot of money and power behind them can definitely make change happen quicker, but it’s not the number one priority.

“So until there is a point where it is the number one priority for government and for the world then it’s going to continue to be a slow-burner I think. That’s my general opinion.”

Hamilton has pledged to do more to try and reduce his own carbon footprint amid ever-present concerns about the impact that climate change is having on Earth. 

The six-time world champion took to Instagram to say he was “praying” for Australia and wanted to help as the country continues to be ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades that have resulted in the deaths of over 20 people and reportedly killed an estimated half a billion animals to date.



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