Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo believes Netflix’s Drive to Survive documentary series helped put Formula 1 “on the map” in the United States.

Ricciardo was prominently featured on Netflix’s special fly-on-the-wall F1 documentary that was aired last year, particularly as the series followed the storyline of his decision to leave Red Bull for Renault at the end of the 2018 season.

Speaking in an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last week, Ricciardo revealed the impact he has noticed the series had on F1 in the US.

"I definitely feel F1 is becoming much more of a thing here in the States. Drive to Survive put it on the map," Ricciardo explained.

"I spend a bit of time in the States, and up until a year ago, not really anyone would say 'Hi' to me - not in a bad way, but they wouldn't recognise me for being an F1 driver.

"And now it's all: 'We saw you on Netflix, it was great, Drive to Survive.' We wear helmets, so not many people can see our faces a lot of the time. Putting a face to a name, that helped.”

The Australian, who is well known and popular among fans for his entertaining nature and demeanour both on and off the track, feels it is important for F1 drivers not to take themselves too seriously and have some fun doing what he described as a “dream job”.

"For me, growing up in Australia, in the sunshine and living close to the beach, it turns your personality into a bit of happiness," Ricciardo added.

"I'm doing my dream job. You have to be reminded sometimes, you get so competitive. Sometimes [you can get so] caught up in it that you do forget a little bit of perspective.

"I travel the world to drive cars in circles, which is pretty awesome.”

The second season of Drive to Survive is due to premiere on Netflix on February 28. 



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